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Designer Spotlight: Summer 2020 Trends

Posted on June 23 2020

Designer Spotlight: Summer 2020 Trends

Summer 2020 Design Trends

From ClaireJoelle Design


ONE. plants, plants, plants

Greenery brings SO much life to any space, as well as many benefits like purifying the air and boosting your mood! They come in all sizes and look perfect on tables, shelves, corners, or even hanging, and are a great alternative to décor objects like vases and sculptures. There are many low maintenance plants that can withstand low light and water - just be sure to look into the safety of each plant if you have kids or pets! And if real plants don’t work for you, there are lots of faux options as well that also look great.


TWO. au natural

Rattan and wicker are still hot, but check out the newcomer, cane! These natural fibers add so much warmth and texture to a space and fit with a variety of different styles like coastal, boho, Scandinavian, traditional, and modern. Plus, it’s easy to bring in to any space with furniture, baskets, lighting and mirrors.



THREE. go halfsies 

Wanting to paint a feature wall? Try this fresh take and instead of doing just one or two walls, paint the entire bottom half of the room – even the doors, baseboards and trims!


FOUR. the new "it" girl

Dusty rose is the new millennial pink, but they also pair nicely together. Combine them with terracotta and rust tones for the perfect pop! Bring these colours in with a painted feature wall, bedding, throw pillows, accent furniture, and art.


FIVE. shop (your own home) 'til you drop

With everyone being more of a homebody and trying to reduce trips into stores as well as save money, a simple way to change up a space is to just “shop” your own home! It’s quick and easy to move accessories and art around the house, and even furniture like shelves, side tables and poufs. Put art prints in different
frames, mix and match throw pillows, and create new groupings of accessories on shelves and coffee tables. Even spray paint an item to freshen it up or give it a whole new look. Happy “shopping”!


SIX. outdoor living

Again, since we’re all spending so much time at home, make your backyard or balcony another living space. Fill it up and make it cozy with seating, twinkle lights, layered rugs, cushions and throws, lanterns and candles, a firepit, bamboo tableware, and of course greenery and flowers. A little oasis to drink your morning
coffee, barbeque up some dinner, entertain friends, or cozy up with a drink and a good book.


SEVEN. sourdough summer

Bread boxes and butter dishes are a classic kitchen item perfect for this summer, because hello, homemade bread! A designer friend of mine works at a home store and Jillian Harris came in one day looking for a bread box – they are so in! Not only are they practical and convenient, they also look great on your counter.


EIGHT. underneath the arches

Step away from all of the crisp, straight lines and soften things up with a few arches. Structurally you can add arched doorways and windows, but you can also add them in simpler ways such as paint, art, mirrors and lighting.


NINE. out of office

With a lot of work being done at home, having a designated place in your house to work is key for focus. If you have a spare room or even just a small nook at the end of a hallway, add a desk or small table and a lamp. Then spruce it up with a few cute accessories like a plant, clock, picture frame, candle or diffuser. To create more space, add a shelving unit or hang a shelf or two on the wall above.


TEN. it's 5 o'clock somewhere

Entertain at home in style! If you don’t have a bar cart, turn a sideboard, side table, shelf or trolley into one. Cocktails, champagne, coffee, whatever kind of “bar” you want it to be, fill it up with fun coasters, glassware and reusable straws for homemade cocktails, glasses of bubbly and iced coffees. Cheers!




Claire is an interior designer in the Edmonton area with over eight years of experience. She works with personal clients and new home builders, and provides design consulting and home staging, as well as event planning. You can reach her for your own projects at or check out her Instagram,!


All photos are sourced from amber + oak and Pinterest.


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