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Four Reasons Plants Make You Happy!

Posted on April 14 2020

Four Reasons Plants Make You Happy!




Did you know that having indoor plants make you happier? No, it's true!

  • They give you fresh oxygen in your home! Breathe it in, everyone.
  • They give you more energy! Environments with natural elements bring a positive outlook on life and boost people into being more active.
  • On the other hand, they also help you feel more relaxed! (Which we could all use right now, am I right?) We are hardwired to the shapes, colours, sounds, and smells of nature, and it makes us feel good!
  • They lower background noise! Working from home lately? Having plants in your home helps to create a sound barrier between you and the sounds of urban life outside your windows.
Are you convinced yet? Of course you are! Now that you're inspired to add a little more greenery to your home (and one can never have too many plants), check out our products below to help you get started!


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