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Style Your Shelves Worthy of the Gram!

Posted on May 13 2020

Style Your Shelves Worthy of the Gram!
Level up the style of your shelves with these quick and easy tips!
  • Start with the larger items first. It's easier to fill in the gaps with your smaller items after, and it will create a balanced look.
  • Bring in some artwork! Whether it's a print, a quote you love, or a photo of your favourite memory, it brings in a touch of your personality to the design! It's easy to change it out to match the seasons, as well.
  • Mix up your book placement! Books instantly add a homely feel to shelf styling. Make the most of them by stacking books horizontally and vertically, and aligning some stacks to the left, right or centre of a shelf.
  • Introduce decorative objects. These could be pieces you’ve collected on your travels, treasured family heirlooms or latest season's homewares. Depending on your style, you could use almost anything!
  • Add some greenery! Indoor plants add a pop of life and have a stack of health benefits too (such as improving air quality and even reducing blood pressure).



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